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Spotlight Case: Patrick Irwin Part 3

September 02, 2014

Tags : ilasik, eyeglasses, wavefront, surgeons, dr. john liu, dr. james liu

 Patrick’s 1 week post-op – 20/20 right eye, 20/20 left eye. Vision is doing great! Post-op redness is fading, and Patrick has been back at work for the last week. He has the evening shift as a trooper, and has been making stops and reading license plates from the afternoon hours until well after dark.

Last week, Patrick donated his old eyeglasses to our Lion's Club donation bin, so less fortunate others can benefit from spectacles he no longer has any need for. “I keep reaching for my glasses when I wake up and go to bed, so it’ll take some getting used to. But now I can do something I always wanted to do before – buy a pair of Oakleys!”

We’re so pleased and excited for Patrick and his new vision! This is what iLASIK is all about. Call us today to talk to our team about making your dreams come true or make your free iLASIK appointment by clicking here.

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