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Addressing LASIK Fears

January 05, 2017

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 Addressing LASIK Fears

Many of our patients are fearful to have the iLASIK procedure.  In some cases the fear prevents them from having the surgery, leading to more years stuck behind frames.  Can you relate? Take a few minutes and read our tips on how to overcome your fears.  iLasik has been around for decades and is a safe and precise procedure.


“I’m freaked out to be awake during the procedure.”

While there are many fears we hear, the fear of being awake while having surgery is among the most discussed. At OELI an anxiolytic medication will be given to help relax your nerves, and sedate you, and numbing drops will be used to eliminate any possible pain. The entire procedure typically lasts ten to fifteen minutes. Our experienced staff, nurses and doctors will be there to guide you each step of the way.


“I’m afraid the procedure will be painful.” 

Pain is not a word we use to describe the iLASIK procedure.  While there is a level of discomfort, after the procedure, pain is not generally experienced during the surgery.  Numbing drops are given on a consistent basis and help to eliminate any sort of sensation during the procedure.  After the procedure you will be given steroid drops to help eliminate inflammation and help aid in the healing process along with an antibiotic for infection.  You may feel irritation for several hours after but most patients are comfortable and functional by the next morning.   


“What if I have complications?”

With any medical procedure there is always a remote risk for things such as infection or inflammation.  That is why it is important to do your homework before choosing a surgeon.  At Omaha Eye & Laser Institute we are proud to offer our patients the most experienced team of surgeons in the region along with the most state-of-the-art up-to-date equipment.  We recommend caution regarding sites that offer abnormally low price quotes for Lasik. With surgery, you get what you pay for.

Below is a list of questions we recommend you ask before choosing your surgeon:

1. Does the site perform IntraLASIK (bladeless, all-laser) or traditional LASIK (microkeratome blade)?

2. Will my surgery be a “custom/wavefront technology” procedure?

3. What happens if I need an enhancement?

4. Does the site offer any warranties, guarantees, or coverage plans for needing enhancements in the future?

5. What is the enhancement rate within one year?

6. Avoiding the PRK vs IntraLASIK switch: is IntraLASIK the correct procedure for me?

7. Inspecting the site and team: What kinds of laser are being used? Is the equipment owned or rented? Is the surgeon available at the practice, or only on surgery days? Does the site have an ophthalmologist on site at all times in case of an emergency?

8. Does your site participate in comprehensive eye health care, ocular disease issues, injuries, and emergencies?  If I experience an unrelated incident with my eye(s), will I be able to seek help with the same team of doctors involved in my LASIK procedure?

For answers to these questions from our very own iLASIK doctor, Dr. JoAnna Liu, please click here.


“I doubt I am able to afford the iLASIK procedure”

At OELI our aim is to make iLASIK affordable to all.  With seasonal promotions, 24 months of no interest financing payment plans, HSA/FSA accounts LASIK is something all of Omaha can enjoy.  For ways to save with OELI click here

We are happy to answer any further questions or fears you may have.   Please call us at 402-493-2020 or click here to schedule a complimentary iLASIK evaluation.

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