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Benefits of LASIK

We find that for the majority of our patients the decision to have iLASIK wasn’t easy; however, iLASIK was the best decision they have ever made. Here are some reasons why our patients decided iLASIK was right for them.


iLASIK frees out patients to pursue sporting activities without the constant hassle of contacts and glasses. Swimming, snorkeling, golfing, tennis, surfing, football, basketball, volleyball, skiing are all easier when glasses and contacts are not required.


Some patients cite the high recurring cost of having to buy glasses every two to three years due to breakage, scratched frames, age of the glasses or a simple style change. With some spectacles now costing $700 to $1000 a pair it doesn’t take long to come out ahead with LASIK.


Life is always busy and one of the greatest complaints we receive is the inconvenience of glasses and contacts. Activities such as watching TV or being able to see the alarm clock in the morning is not a viable option without glasses or contacts. With the iLASIK procedure, daily tasks are easier to accomplish without being constantly trapped behind frames.

Risk of Contacts

Many have seen the news about serious fungal or bacterial infection outbreaks associated with contact lens wear or contact lens cleaning solutions or have experienced a corneal ulcer first hand.

About Omaha Eye & Laser

Serving the entire Midwest, The Omaha Eye & Laser Institute specializes in Bladeless Customized iLasik (one of the most advanced forms of fully-customized, bladeless Lasik Laser Vision Correction), Laser cataract surgery with the advanced LenSx laser cataract system, and the laser surgical treatment of many other eye diseases.

Omaha Eye uses a combination of technologies in our iLASIK procedure to ensure a more precise surgical outcome than traditional LASIK alone.

Omaha Eye & Laser is fully committed to delivering the best possible care for you so you can enjoy magnificent, clear, crisp distance vision without glasses or contacts. Our staff is friendly, warm, and caring, and believes in treating each patient like family. Our doctors and staff will always treat you with compassion, respect, and professionalism.

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We offer competitive and flexible financing programs with approved credit for our elective procedures. We offer a wide range of terms and payment options to help fit your budget with Wells Fargo Financial National Bank


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