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Our LASIK Experience

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Your eyes are indispensable; and that’s why it’s important to choose a surgeon carefully.  Your vision and the health of your eyes are integral assets to daily life.  Elect a surgeon and team who are devoted to your safety and satisfaction above all else.  We recommend making informed choices that prioritize safety and precision. 

In 2003 Drs. John and James Liu became the first eye surgeons in Nebraska to pioneer blade-free iLASIK. Today, no one else in Nebraska comes close to having that many years of experience with blade-free iLASIK.  Not all eye surgeons will even offer blade-free iLASIK, and some who do have little experience with the blade-free technology. We recommend caution regarding surgery centers that try to convince patients that there is no difference between LASIK and iLASIK. In truth, there are several differences  between bladed LASIK and blade-free iLASIK.  


A proficient, experienced iLASIK surgeon will be more cognizant of the complexities of laser vision correction than the recent novice iLASIK surgeon. At the Omaha Eye & Laser Institute, Drs. John and James Liu have been performing laser vision corrections since its approval by the FDA in 1995, and were among the first eye surgeons in Omaha to perform iLASIK successfully in tens of thousands of cases.

Selecting A iLASIK Surgeon: Questions To Ask

  1. How many iLASIK surgeries have you performed?
  2. Are your practice and doctors credentialed with the American Academy of Ophthalmology?
  3. What type of excimer laser do you use for LASIK eye surgery? Is this laser approved by the FDA and how does it compare to other excimer lasers?
  4. How old is the excimer laser that you use in LASIK surgery?
  5. Is the surgery painful? What can I expect after the LASIK surgery?
  6. Do you have any LASIK references that I could talk to?


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At Omaha Eye & Laser Institute, we pride ourselves on achieving your best vision and offering a warm, inviting, and friendly environment where the patient is our most important priority.