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Welcome to Omaha/Lincoln Eye & Laser Institute!

March 12, 2014

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Thank you for visiting Omaha and Lincoln Eye & Laser Institute! We are an ophthalmic practice that prides ourselves on devoted service, the most advanced technology and an expert surgical team. Our primary focus is you. We want to ensure every visit is exceptional.

Upon arriving, you will be greeted by our warm and friendly front desk staff. Before seeing the doctor, a complete diagnostic will be run by our ophthalmic technicians. Afterwards you will be introduced to your doctor. During this initial assessment all of your questions will be answered. Upon completing the exam, you and your doctor will discuss all the surgical options in detail. This will be the completion of your visit. Throughout the entire appointment our objective is to make you feel as comfortable as possible.

At the Omaha and Lincoln Eye & Laser Institute we have the most advanced technology. Let's take you through two of our most popular procedures.

Refractive Surgery/iLASIK

Our revolutionary technology allows us to offer iLASIK, bladeless laser correction. This completely bladeless procedure combines the advancediFS Laser with the fully custom ultra precise Visx Star S4 Customvue Laser. This kind of technology allows for crisp, clear and outstanding vision. Our experienced team of doctors holds the highest standards in terms of patient care. Our advanced WaveScan technology combined with the Visx excimer CustomVue laser ensures unmatched precision and accuracy. This advanced WaveScan technology sends waves of light though the cornea, to the retina, where it is processed back into a 3D map. This measures the optical distortions as light exits the eye and compares it to a perfect optical system. We incorporate this technology to customize your procedure.

Cataract Surgery

is the natural blurring or clouding of the lens in your eye.  This can occur at any age, but is more prevalent in patients of sixty years of age or older. This can be treated surgically and has been proven to be safe and effective. With our advanced LenSx® laser we can create a customized plan for your eyes. After removing your natural lens there are a variety of premium lenses to choose from. There are three different lens options available to you. The first option is called the monofocal lens. This option is most typically covered by insurance. It improves your distance vision. The second option is called the astigmatism-correcting toric lens. This is designed to fix your distance vision as well as some astigmatism you may have. The third option is called the multifocal lens. This advanced lens corrects near, intermediate and distance vision. This bladeless technology has improved the precision and success of cataract surgery. For information on cataracts please click here to visit our cataract section.

In conclusion, we would once again like to welcome you to our clinic. We are a clinic that treats you like family and stays up to date on all of the latest technology. If you would like more information on any of these procedures please call us at 402-493-2020.


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At Omaha Eye & Laser Institute, we pride ourselves on achieving your best vision and offering a warm, inviting, and friendly environment where the patient is our most important priority.