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Meet our new spotlight iLASIK patient case- Matthew Poe!

December 09, 2016

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 Meet Matthew Poe.  Matthew was born deaf, and is getting iLASIK today.  “I prefer the term ‘deaf’ because it’s also a cultural thing, more than just a medical thing.” Matthew Poe is our feature iLASIK spotlight case this week and we will be taking you into his experience at OELI.  As a deaf patient, vision is very important to Matthew.  Outside of work and home Matt also spends a lot of his time playing sports and working out.  “Vision is very important to me as a deaf person.  I rely on my eyes to live and work.  Any vision issues will affect my performance in my job and life.  I’ve thought about iLASIK since the day I got my glasses, around ten years ago."



 Matthew’s visual acuity is 20/50 in both eyes without correction.  Vision is very important to Matt, possibly even moreso than those without disabilities.  Naturally, Matthew is nervous but excited about his surgery.  “I’m afraid of the small chance of something wrong happening, but I am hopeful for a good result so I can maximize my performance in life.”  When asked what he was most looking forward to after iLASIK, Matthew doesn’t hesitate: “Playing sports and working out without my glasses and contacts.”

 After Matthew’s pre-operative examination done with the help of our ASL speaker Stephanie Corral he is ready!  Stay tuned as we follow his progress at OELI! 


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