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The Omaha Eye and Laser Institute was founded in 1985 and became The Omaha Eye & Laser Institute in 2001. OELI founders Sao J. “John” Liu MD and Sao C. “James” Liu recognized that a new era of laser innovation in the field of eye care had arrived and worked to devote Omaha Eye & Laser Institute’s full efforts to bring the most advanced laser technology in the field of eye care to the state of Nebraska. In 2003, Omaha Eye & Laser Institute was the first to provide blade-free iLASIK in Nebraska and was the first to provide blade-free laser cataract surgery in the state. Our goal at Omaha Eye & Laser Institute is to provide our patients with tomorrow’s surgical and laser technology today! We know that with the best LASIK technology and unparalleled surgeon experience, our patients will have the best possible results and care.

LASIK Testimonials


Our Doctors

Drs. Sao J. “John” Liu, Sao C. “James” Liu and Mark Young are Nebraska’s most accomplished all-laser LASIK team. Each surgeon at Omaha Eye & Laser Institute is board certified by the American Board of Medical Specialties, with decades of experience performing LASIK procedures; our OELI surgeons have helped countless patients in Nebraska achieve crisp, clear vision without the aid of glasses or contacts.
In 2011, OELI introduced blade-free cataract surgery and today is the most experienced, proficient, blade-free laser cataract surgery center in the state. OELI surgeons are also among the most knowledgeable toric and multifocal intraocular lens implants surgeons in the Midwest. These advanced lenses provide much sharper vision after cataract surgery without the use of glasses or contacts.

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What is iLASIK?

The Omaha Eye & Laser Institute offers the ultimate laser vision correction procedure known as iLASIK. iLASIK is a revolutionary procedure that combines the advanced iDesign-guided laser vision correction technology of the Abbott Medical Optics Customvue laser with the safety and precision of the Intralase iFS laser. The resulting iLASIK is unmatched in both precision and safety.
iLASIK is an all-laser procedure, involving zero blades. Because iLASIK is truly iDesign-guided, it can provide sharper vision by treating your higher-order aberrations. These are visual errors that glasses, contacts, and other forms of wavefront “optimized” lasers cannot treat. We are proud to be the first and only vision center in Nebraska to offer the iFS and iDesign. Because the iFS is nearly three times faster than the previous 60Khz Intralase lasers, our patients experience quicker treatment times and much less discomfort. The iFS laser can create flaps with much smoother stromal beds in a record-low ten seconds, with the entire iLASIK procedure taking only ten minutes.


Benefits Of LASIK

We find that for the majority of our patients the decision to have iLASIK wasn’t easy; however, iLASIK was the best decision they have ever made. Here are some reasons why our patients decided LASIK was right for them.

  • Sports
    • iLASIK frees outpatients to pursue sporting activities without the constant hassle of contacts and glasses. Swimming, snorkeling, golfing, tennis, surfing, football, basketball, volleyball, skiing are all easier when glasses and contacts are not required.

  • Cost
    • Some patients cite the high recurring cost of having to buy glasses every two to three years due to breakage, scratched frames, age of the glasses or a simple style change. With some spectacles now costing $700 to $1000 a pair, it doesn’t take long to come out ahead with LASIK.
  • Convenience
    • Life is always busy and one of the greatest complaints we receive is the inconvenience of glasses and contacts. Activities such as watching TV or being able to see the alarm clock in the morning is not a viable option without glasses or contacts. With the iLASIK procedure, daily tasks are easier to accomplish without being constantly trapped behind frames.
  • Risk of Contacts
    • Many have seen the news about serious fungal or bacterial infection outbreaks associated with contact lens wear or contact lens cleaning solutions or have experienced a corneal ulcer first hand.
  • Security
    • Some people are so nearsighted they fear that losing their glasses at the wrong time may put them in significant jeopardy, especially in emergency situations.
  • Occupation
    • Emergency first responders simply cannot have a contact lens malfunction or deal with the loss of spectacles in an emergency setting when lives are at stake.
  • Comfort
    • Many of our patients feel that with passing time contacts become more uncomfortable to wear.

  • Patient Referrals
    • We are proud that at the Omaha & Lincoln Eye & Laser Institutes patient referrals are one of our greatest referral sources. iLASIK patients with wonderful results have referred their friends and family members. Having the referral of a friend or family member greatly reduces the fear of the procedure.
  • Financing
    • At Omaha & Lincoln Eye & Laser Institutes we offer our patients 24 months of special financing through CareCredit and Wells Fargo. This allows many patients to get the procedure now and make payments over time.

While there are many benefits to having the iLASIK procedure performed, the greatest compliment to iLASIK is that the vision is provided to them 24/7. There is no need to search for glasses or contacts from the moment they wake up to the time they go to bed at night.

What is the Cost of LASIK?

We believe that LASIK is for everyone who needs it, and to that end, we offer multiple options to help offset the cost of LASIK in Omaha. Ask us today about our LASIK financing options through Wells Fargo and CareCredit, and visit our Special Financing page for more information.

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At Omaha Eye & Laser Institute, we pride ourselves on achieving your best vision and offering a warm, inviting, and friendly environment where the patient is our most important priority.