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Cataract Lens Options

April 30, 2014

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 Cataract Lens Options 


At the Omaha Eye & Laser Institute, we are proud to announce our in house surgical center. With our precise bladefree Lensx laser, we are able to provide the most advanced surgical outcomes. A cataract is the clouding of the natural lens in the eye.

Your lens is located behind the iris or the colored portion of your eye. We have three different lens options for our patients. Each individual eye is unique and different; therefore, testing will be performed to determine the best lens option for you and your lifestyle.

Take a moment and consider what your visual demands may include. Do you find the most joy in spending time with your family and friends, or perhaps playing cards? Maybe you enjoy other hobbies such as traveling, baking, or simply reading a book. Everything we do involves our vision; thus different options are available for your consideration.

  • Traditional Lens

The traditional monofocal lens package does not use our LenSx laser or any other premium lens options. This plan is typically covered by Medicare or other types of insurance after your deductible and co-insurance has been met. Though this type of lens is generally covered by insurance, bifocal or trifocal glasses will still be required after the surgery is performed. This plan does not include our lasik enhancement.

The Toric Lens package includes the precision of the LenSx laser and the upgraded astigmatism lens. The LenSx laser is used as needed to optimize your results. This lens reduces dependency on glasses for your distance vision; however, you will still need reading glasses after surgery. This plan allows you to enjoy daily activities such as driving, golfing, or shopping. If a lasik enhancement is required, there will be no charge for the first year following the procedure.

The Multifocal lens package includes the precision of the LenSx laser and the premium multifocal lens. The LenSx laser correcting incisions are used as needed for best results. The upgraded multifocal lens helps to reduce dependency on glasses and contacts for near, intermediate, and distance vision. If a lasik enhancement is required after surgery, it will be performed at no charge within the first year.

With any medical procedure there is always a remote risk for things such as infection and also a very remote risk for bleeding or inflammation. Fortunately, we have a very high success rate and most patients are very pleased. Please view our patient experiences with the multifocal lens, at Upon your first visit to our office, your doctor will be able to inform you on the best option for your individual eyes. If you have further questions or you would like to make an appointment, please call us at 402-493-2020 or schedule on our website by clicking here

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