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Custom LASIK Surgery

Advanced Technology

Bladed LASIK requires the use of razor blades or microkeratomes, but blade-free LASIK utilizes Femto lasers to create the iLASIK flap. Not all Femto lasers are created equal; OELI and our center in Lincoln (LELI) are the only two centers in Nebraska that use the most advanced iFS Intralase, which is faster and more precise. This greatly minimizes the duration of the procedure, reduces potential discomfort, and improves safety while quickening recovery.

iLASIK In 2 Steps

iLASIK LogoTrue custom treatment begins with the acquisition of your optical errors using IDesign technology that can capture even the most minute imperfections to improve your outcomes beyond 20/20 and to improve your night vision.

The iLASIK Process

iLASIK– Pretreatment

The iDesign WaveScan creates a 3D map of the imperfections in each eye so that we can custom fit your treatment to your individual eye. The iDesign WaveScan measures your refractive error 25 times more accurately than standard methods. Your WaveScan map is essentially a fingerprint of your vision.


Next, the Intralase iFS laser is used to create a flap in your cornea that is then secured back for the treatment by the VISX STAR S4 LASER. This blade-free method enables more patients to see 20/15. The iFS laser is the fastest, and most advanced of all the Intralase lasers and is available in Nebraska only at our laser centers in Omaha and Lincoln.

iLASIK Step 2

The captured errors are then used to formulate an iDesign-guided treatment plan that will maximize your vision to its true potential. The VISX Star S4 regulates every step of the procedure and provides active pupil tracking, even compensating for eye rotation in the event of movement during treatment.

Omaha Eye & Laser Institute is Proud to Offer the Latest IntraLASIK Technology.

iDesign Machine for LASIK Eye SurgeryiDesign is the world’s most innovative 3D mapping system for the eye and creates a more accurate and personalized LASIK treatment plans using the unique blueprint of each patient’s eye. Its 5-in-1 design measures wavefront aberrometry, corneal topography, autorefractometry, keratometry, and pupillometry with the push of a single button.

It captures over a thousand microimages and micro-refractions of the eye in under 4 seconds and allows surgeons to doctor, adjust, and tailor more aspects of the surgery than ever before. This also allows for a larger range of treatments, enabling treatment designs for even the most complicated and severe prescriptions. iDesign tech has been shown to improve night driving and reduce glare in many patients. Omaha Eye & Laser is the only practice with this advanced technology in the tri-state area.

Top 5 Comments About iLASIK

These are the top five comments we hear from our patients after having iLASIK:

  1. Best money I’ve ever spent
  2. I should have done this sooner
  3. I am amazed by how well I see
  4. This was way easier than I thought
  5. Thank you I haven’t seen this well since I was 5

iLASIK – Endorsed by the Armed Forces Of The United States

LASIK On the Front Lines

If you are interested in LASIK eye surgery, contact our office nearest you to schedule a consultation without phenomenal eye care professionals.

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