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How is glaucoma treated?

Glaucoma is usually treated by lowering the pressure in the eye to a level that hopefully stops progressive damage to the nerve. The first line of treatment for glaucoma is usually topical eye drop medications. Fortunately many glaucoma drops have been developed over last few years with several more on the horizon.

We are pleased to have participated in numerous clinical research studies proving the efficacy of several new glaucoma medications. Glaucoma medications typically work by either reducing the amount of fluid produced inside the eye or by helping intraocular fluid drain out more efficiently. Some medications may actually do both. It is not uncommon to be on two or more medications at one time to treat glaucoma.

SLT LaserOnce a patient is on two or more medications and they still need their intraocular pressures lowered more, it is likely they will need laser or other glaucoma surgery to further reduce the pressure in the eye if it is needed. At the Omaha Eye & Laser Institute and Lincoln Eye & Laser Institute, we are pleased to have the new Lumenis SLT laser for treatment of glaucoma. We were the first practice in Nebraska and Iowa to offer this new laser procedure. Unlike previous argon lasers which caused significant scarring of the delicate tissues in the angle of the eye, the SLT causes minimal to no damage. The effect of the laser (both argon and SLT) on intraocular pressure often wears off after 1 -3 years. With the old argon lasers there was a limit on being able to do repeat treatments due to the scarring of the laser. With the SLT this problem is resolved and patients can have repeated treatments as needed.

If topical medications and SLT laser treatments fail to lower intraocular pressure effectively, glaucoma surgery is an option. At The Omaha Eye & Laser Institute and Lincoln Eye & Laser Institute we are pleased to have one of the few glaucoma fellowship trained ophthalmologists in Nebraska.

Dr. Sao J. "John" Liu is very experienced in advanced microsurgical techniques in the treatment of glaucoma including trabeculectomy and Molteno valve implantation. These procedures can be performed in our AAAHC certified ophthalmic surgery center.

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