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5 Reasons to Look Forward To Summer After LASIK


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Glasses and contacts may be a necessity now, but they don’t have to be after LASIK eye surgery at the Omaha Eye & Laser Institute. Imagine the freedom of enjoying your summers free of both glasses and contacts! Check out this list of ways your summers will improve when glasses and contacts are no longer a requirement for clear vision!

1. Swimming

You can’t swim with your glasses on and you most definitely cannot get into the pool with your contacts in without risking an eye infection. But where do you store your glasses while at the pool so they remain safe and within reach when you need them? You’ll be able to look forward to hassle free pool time after LASIK eye surgery! Have you perfected your underwater handstand yet?

2. Contact Sports

Playing contact sports is a great way to stay active and have fun in the sun, but it’s always a hassle when prescription eyeglasses and contacts are part of the picture. If you risk stepping onto the field or court with your glasses, you also risk a potential eye injury and an emergency room visit. Contacts are the better choice, but can be a hassle if one pops out during the game, not to mention the trouble of dry eyes! Call us for a consultation to talk about LASIK eye surgery and get ready to up your game!

3. Reading and Sunbathing Poolside

No more squinting into the sun if you have to wear prescription eyeglasses while enjoying a book poolside while working on your tan. Sunglasses aren’t an option unless you wear contacts, but even that can be a hassle. After LASIK eye surgery, you can swap prescription eyeglass cases, extra contacts for emergencies, and contact solution for cheap gas station sunglasses you won’t have to worry about leaving behind at the pool after a long day of fun in the sun!

4. No More Sweaty Glasses Readjustments

Summer is fun but it’s also hot. After LASIK you can say goodbye to having to constantly push your glasses back up on the bridge of your nose, which can happens more often in the summer just because of the heat! There’s nothing worse than trying to exercise outside and your sweaty glasses keep falling down your nose.

5. Glare-free Candid Photos!

This one is a big deal for anyone who has ever tried to wish away the inevitable reflective glare of your glasses that is so often caught in sunny photos. After LASIK, you can look forward to smiling for the camera while looking off into the sunset without having to worry about that glare anymore.

Ready for a Consultation? If you are considering your options and looking forward to life after LASIK in Nebraska, call our office to schedule your consultation at Omaha Eye & Laser Institute. Our highly-qualified staff is here to guide you and ready to help you meet your goals for clear vision so you can start enjoying your favorite activities with clear vision!

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