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Category: Information

Say Goodbye to Reading Glasses in Lincoln with a Premium IOL and Cataract Surgery

Are you tired of your reading glasses? Do you also have cataracts? If you have cataracts, you can treat presbyopia and cataracts during cataract surgery! Cataract surgery is a low-risk, minimally invasive procedure that can also treat presbyopia.  If you live in Lincoln, you can get the best by choosing Omaha Eye for cataract surgery…. Read More

What Your Omaha Ophthalmologist Wishes You Knew About Dry Eyes

Do you suffer from dry, itchy eyes? You’re not alone.  One common and seemingly minor issue many people have with their eyes is dryness. Your eyes can get too dry for several reasons, making them feel like they’re burning, stinging, and gritty.  These symptoms can be uncomfortable, but many people don’t recognize the cause or… Read More

5 Tips to Follow Before Choosing an Intraocular Lens

Do you have cataracts impacting your ability to see? When you have cataract surgery, it involves removing your natural lens.  Removing the natural lens entirely is the only way to remove the cataract formed on the lens. Your natural lens helps your eyes focus.  Without it, you wouldn’t be able to see clearly after cataract… Read More

Here’s Your In-Depth Guide to Everything About the EVO Visian ICL

Have you ever wanted to have a vision correction procedure? For many people, the first thing they think of for one of these procedures is LASIK.  But LASIK is only one of several vision correction procedures available. One you may be less familiar with but produces excellent results is the EVO Visian ICL.  The EVO… Read More

What’s the Difference Between Laser Cataract Surgery and Traditional Methods?

Do you have cataracts? Advanced cataracts can start affecting your quality of life, making it necessary to undergo cataract surgery.  Cataract surgeons only recommend the procedure when your cataracts get in the way of everyday activities or doing the things you love. The procedure is the only way to treat cataracts effectively. Cataract surgery removes… Read More

Are There Different Kinds of Glaucoma?

Do you or someone you love have glaucoma? It’s understandable if you’re nervous, but glaucoma doesn’t have to mean the end of your vision.  Glaucoma is the name given to a collection of eye conditions that cause damage to the optic nerve. The optic nerve is a bundle of millions of nerve fibers that carry… Read More

Why You’ll Enjoy Working Out More Once You Choose LASIK in Omaha

Love working out? You may already know it’s a hassle to do it while wearing visual aids. If you depend on glasses or contacts to see, you may have already started considering the merits of getting LASIK. After all, there are plenty of reasons to get the life-changing vision correction procedure! To begin with, LASIK… Read More

How to Find the Best Cataract Surgeon in Omaha

Do you have cataracts? Does it feel like they are slowly taking over your life and affecting your ability to do what you love? If so, it may be time to have cataract surgery. Cataract surgery is the only treatment for cataracts. The procedure completely removes your cataract and natural lens. Removing your natural lens… Read More

What are My Options When it Comes to Dry Eye Treatment?

Everyone’s eyes feel a little dried out sometimes. Dry climates and cool air can irritate your sinuses and your eyes, as can excess sunlight. But sometimes, your environment isn’t always to blame. Your dry eyes can also be due to a chronic condition called dry eye syndrome, which is common in women and older adults…. Read More

Get the Most Out of LASIK With 6 Quintessential Omaha Activities

Ever thought about getting LASIK? Most people who seek the vision correction procedure are great candidates for LASIK. LASIK can fully correct your vision and give you freedom from pesky glasses and contact lenses if you’re nearsighted, farsighted, or have astigmatism. If you’re sick of traditional visual aids, LASIK may be the answer you’re looking… Read More

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