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Yearly Archives: 2018

3 Reasons Dry Eye Is Worse In The Winter

Woman in scarf holding coffee

Ah, winter. The time of frostbite, frozen toes, and snow! You know what our least favorite part is? How dry everything gets. We’re talking, arms, legs, eyes, even our hair seems to dry out in the winter. But dry eye always seems so much worse when it’s negative eight degrees outside. Don’t believe us? Keep… Read More

What Are The Risks Of Cataract Surgery?

Senior couple jogging

Cataract surgery is one of the most common surgical procedures. It is also one of the most performed procedures every year. Many people undergo cataract surgery every year without serious complications. The surgery is safe, effective, and low risk. Though it is considered a low risk surgery, it does still come with risks. It’s important… Read More

Do You Know These Cataract Facts?

Senior woman driving

You may be wondering why some people get cataracts in one eye and others are instead affected in both. Does this mean that if you get a cataract in one eye that it will spread to the other? Not at all! Read on to learn about cataracts, how they develop, and other important facts. Cataract Facts… Read More

How Can I Make LASIK More Affordable?

Young couple smiling

Thinking about LASIK but can’t quite pull the trigger because of the cost? You don’t have to pay for LASIK all at once! Considering that LASIK surgery for both eyes may cost around $5,000, that’s a huge relief, right? But how is it possible to break the total LASIK cost up into more realistic and… Read More

What Happens When Dogs Have Cataracts?

Woman with Dog

Cataracts don’t only affect humans. In fact, our beloved dogs can also develop cataracts as they age. For humans and dogs, untreated cataracts will lead to an eventual and total loss of vision. Cataracts can be removed with cataract surgery to restore vision. When it comes to dogs, insurance is a little tricky. Many patients… Read More

Custom LASIK: Is It Worth It?

Woman in hat and glasses

If you wear glasses or contacts, maybe you’ve started considering LASIK. LASIK has had a positive impact on the lives of millions across the globe. There’s no greater gift than a life free from the hassles of glasses and contact lenses. Gone are the days when laser eye surgery was, at best, a risky proposition…. Read More

Cataract FAQs For Loved Ones

Senior couple enjoying outdoors taking selfie

If you or someone you love has cataracts, it can be scary! Keep reading and learn what to expect with these cataract FAQs for loved ones! Cataract Basics Cataracts are an age-related condition. This does not mean that you can only develop cataracts when you’re older. Instead, you are more likely to develop cataracts as… Read More

Will LASIK Permanently Fix My Vision?

Young couple on beach smiling

When you wear glasses or contacts because of nearsightedness, you’re still nearsighted. This is a fact that you’re reminded of every time you take your glasses off or remove your contacts. Waking up every morning to blurriness can be frustrating. Without a spare pair of glasses, you could be blind! If you’re tired of living… Read More

Important Facts To Know About IOLs

Couple looking at computer

If you’ve been told you need cataract surgery, you’ve started researching which IOL, or intraocular lens, will be the best fit for you and your lifestyle. Keep reading to learn important facts about IOLs! Will You Be Able to Feel Your IOL? Cataract surgery is performed when you need to remove a cataract, and replace… Read More

FAQs About LASIK Cost

Woman looking over bench in Autumn

Considering LASIK? The amazing deals you see online for LASIK that’s less than $1,000 per eye may be tempting, but price alone is not enough when it comes to choosing your LASIK surgeon. Remember, this is your vision we are talking about, not getting the best possible deal on a used car. When it comes… Read More

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