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How Can I Make LASIK More Affordable?

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Thinking about LASIK but can’t quite pull the trigger because of the cost? You don’t have to pay for LASIK all at once! Considering that LASIK surgery for both eyes may cost around $5,000, that’s a huge relief, right?

But how is it possible to break the total LASIK cost up into more realistic and manageable payments? Read on to learn more about your options, including personal loans and financing with Omaha Eye & Laser Institute!

How’s Your Credit Score?

Your credit score is an important component when it comes to person financing and loans. If you’re comfortable with it, you can get a personal loan through your LASIK practice.

You should also make sure you understand all terms, and know you can make payments in full. Defaulting on your LASIK payments will do nothing good to your credit score!

Many companies offer zero percent financing on your payments. This is only the case if you are making your payments in full, and on time.

But isn’t this a little extreme? Financing a laser eye surgery?

If you stop to think about the bottom line, financing your LASIK surgery is not an extreme step at all.

In fact, for the majority of patients who can’t cover their LASIK in full, financing is the best option. Since LASIK is an elective procedure, most insurance plans will not cover it.

Sign Up For A Monthly Payment Plan

Your LASIK surgeon may offer their own monthly payment plan or an installment plan. This is usually offered through their LASIK surgery center.

As always, make sure to read the fine print and ask any questions you have before you sign. This could be a good option if you’re not confident about a financing plan.

Bank Loans

This is another option to cover your LASIK cost, and approval will depend on your credit score and income. Your credit score also factors into your interest rate.

This then determines the approved amount your bank will give you for a personal loan. Worried about forgetting to pay on time?

You may want to check and see if you can set up automatic payments through your checking account!

A Family Affair

If you feel comfortable with it, you can ask a family member for a loan to cover your procedure. This is the best option financially, since you avoid paying for interest and fees.

Asking your family for money is never easy, so make sure you have a plan that maps out when they will get paid back in full. This shows that you are serious, and intend to pay them back in a reasonable amount of time.

Don’t let the cost of LASIK stand in your way! Ready for your LASIK consultation? Contact Omaha Eye & Laser Institute in Nebraska today!

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