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10 Tips For LASIK Recovery

Young smiling woman

Are you thinking about getting LASIK eye surgery? Do you want to have a great recovery process? LASIK is a straightforward procedure. Even so, your body still has to recover after any surgical procedure. If you have laser eye surgery, like LASIK, here are 10 tips so you can have the best recovery possible. 1…. Read More

3 Reasons Dry Eye Is Worse In The Winter

Woman in scarf holding coffee

Ah, winter. The time of frostbite, frozen toes, and snow! You know what our least favorite part is? How dry everything gets. We’re talking, arms, legs, eyes, even our hair seems to dry out in the winter. But dry eye always seems so much worse when it’s negative eight degrees outside. Don’t believe us? Keep… Read More

What Happens When Dogs Have Cataracts?

Woman with Dog

Cataracts don’t only affect humans. In fact, our beloved dogs can also develop cataracts as they age. For humans and dogs, untreated cataracts will lead to an eventual and total loss of vision. Cataracts can be removed with cataract surgery to restore vision. When it comes to dogs, insurance is a little tricky. Many patients… Read More

FAQs About LASIK Cost

Woman looking over bench in Autumn

Considering LASIK? The amazing deals you see online for LASIK that’s less than $1,000 per eye may be tempting, but price alone is not enough when it comes to choosing your LASIK surgeon. Remember, this is your vision we are talking about, not getting the best possible deal on a used car. When it comes… Read More

6 Facts About Custom iLASIK

Young couple outdoors smiling

If you’re tired of dealing with broken glasses and ripped contacts, it might be time to consider LASIK surgery. LASIK, which stands for Laser-assisted in situ keratomileusis, is a common elective procedure that can correct vision problems such as myopia (nearsightedness), hyperopia (farsightedness), and astigmatism (distorted or blurred vision). Custom iLASIK offers additional benefits to… Read More

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