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3 Reasons Dry Eye Is Worse In The Winter

Woman with coffee wearing scarf

Ah, winter. The time of frostbite, frozen toes, and snow! You know what our least favorite part is? How dry everything gets. We’re talking, arms, legs, eyes, even our hair seems to dry out in the winter.

But dry eye always seems so much worse when it’s negative eight degrees outside. Don’t believe us? Keep reading for 3 reasons dry eye is worse in the winter!

1. Red, bloodshot eyes don’t look good in holiday photos

‘Tis the season for holiday parties! And whether you like it or not, there are always photos that end up on Facebook. It’s hard enough to find the perfect holiday outfit that looks effortless.

Your makeup is on point, and you’ve been low key using whitening strips to get a whiter smile. But then you look in the mirror and your eyes are bloodshot. Even worse, they are itchy and making you miserable.

Dry eye and holiday parties do not go together! If your eyes are feeling the cold, invest in artificial tears. Put a few in your purse, or leave a few at your desk at work.

This way, you’ll be prepared whenever dry eye symptoms strike. A few quick drops in each eye will have you holiday photo ready!

2. Frolicking in the snow suddenly becomes painful

Look, if we have to deal with winter, the least we can do is enjoy playing in the snow! But as any dry eye sufferer will know, it’s not all fun and games.

Cold weather dries out your eyes. They might water uncontrollably, or feel like they are on fire.

If you don’t have your eye drops handy, another way to protect your dry eyes is with sunglasses. This won’t work in every situation, but if it’s windy or cold, your sunglasses can act as a shield against dry air.

Make sure your sunnies are UV resistant, since UV rays can bounce off the snow and damage your eyes.

3. Having to avoid direct heat sources

When it’s freezing outside during an Omaha winter, all you want to do is curl up in front of a roaring fire. If your eyes are dry, you should avoid this.

The same goes for heaters or things that are directly blowing hot air at you. The reason: being too close to direct heat sources will dry out your eyes.

If you want to enjoy the heat (we don’t blame you), you’ll need to invest in a humidifier. During the winter, there’s less moisture in the air.

Having a humidifier helps replace some of the moisture that’s not in the air. This is great for more than just your eyes as well!

Humidifiers are your best bet when it comes to avoiding the dreaded dry skin patches too!

Treat your dry eye this winter

You’ve agreed that winter and dry eye don’t mix. But what about treating your dry eye? You know this isn’t a winter exclusive problem for you.

Maybe you’ve tried eye drops or adding more water and supplements into your diet to no avail. That’s when it’s time to visit our team at Omaha Eye for a solution.

Dry eye doesn’t have to run your life! Schedule your dry eye consultation with Omaha Eye & Laser Institute today in Omaha or Lincoln, Nebraska!

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