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Meet this week’s iLASIK patient spotlights- couple Gretchen and Jeff Chace.

January 20, 2015

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 Gretchen and Jeff are taking the iLASIK plunge today – together!

“I’ve been wearing contact lenses for some twenty years,” Gretchen says. “I just…got sick of doing it every day.” Gretchen and Jeff are young and active, and their lives require numerous responsibilities and everyday demands. Waking up each morning and having to go through a contact lens ritual simply to become functional and start the day has gotten unnecessarily tedious – a common sentiment among iLASIK candidates with contacts. “We’ve got kids, and I’ve got to travel for work sometimes,” she says. “It’s just one more thing to worry about, and we’re always busy.”


Jeff, when he isn’t working or busy with family, tries to make time for his hobbies. “I like to hunt, but it’s now at a point where it’s sometimes difficult to shoot my bow,” he says. “Night driving is terrible.” Unlike Gretchen, Jeff has tried managing his nearsightedness without glasses or contacts. “But he’s always squinting!” his wife laughs. Jeff admits his vision has been bothering him for the last seven or eight years, but between work and family, it can be difficult to put yourself first. Gretchen, too, has worn contact lenses for decades and has been interested in the procedure ever since her mother underwent LASIK several years ago. “We’re at a place where we finally have some time to do this, and where the procedure is reasonable and affordable for both of us.” 

Both Gretchen and Jeff are mildly myopic, or nearsighted, with mild astigmatism as well. They both have roughly 20/50 vision when uncorrected, making it difficult or strenuous to see clearly without some form of visual aid. The good news is that their myopia and astigmatism are completely treatable with iLASIK laser treatment, and each spouse has excellent potential for crisp, clear 20/20 visual outcomes – if not better. After a thorough evaluation and surgical pre-operative measurements, they’re ready. 

When asked what they think iLASIK will do for them, the couple’s expectations are practical, down-to-earth, and optimistic. “Honestly?” says Gretchen, “Just less hassle.”
“To see well,” says Jeff. 

The iLASIK team at OELI is already looking forward to taking care of the Chace duo, and excited to make a big improvement in their daily lives. “iLASIK takes fifteen to twenty minutes to complete the procedure,” says Dr. JoAnna Liu. “And if you could make your life easier, with fifteen minutes, why wouldn’t you do that for yourself? It benefits you and your whole family. It streamlines your day, so you can focus on the things that really matter – spending time with the people around you, being productive during your workweek, and actually enjoying your pastimes.” 

Call today to schedule your complimentary iLASIK consultation – give yourself the gift of stress-free, worry-free vision today! Financing options available.


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