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Meet our new spotlight iLASIK patient case- Sam & Alyssa Butler

July 22, 2016

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 Sam and Alyssa Butler are here today for intraLASIK – as a couple!  Sam is a math teacher, and Alyssa is a dentist here in Omaha. 

Together they’ve decided to bring an end to life in contact lenses and glasses!  Both Sam and Alyssa are nearsighted, and each has varying amount of astigmatism, which also affects clarity and visual acuity.  Without glasses or contacts, neither Sam nor Alyssa can see much better than 20/400 vision.  “The inability to see when I first wake up is so irritating! I just feel like I’m trapped behind these frames.”  intraLasik will correct all of that today. 

“It will be so nice to take the kids swimming and not need my glasses or contacts.” “I can’t wait to get out of these glasses.”

The couple enjoys being together with their kids and they are looking forward to diving into their hobbies with clear, carefree vision!  We’re excited to bring this couple the latest and greatest technology, and can’t wait to see the happy pair over the next couple days.  Stay tuned!  At OELI we’re bringing clear vision to all of Nebraska – one household at a time.   


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