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Meet our new spotlight iLASIK patient case- Caitlyn & Courtney Erixson

January 17, 2017

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 Meet our new spotlight iLASIK patient case-

Caitlyn & Courtney Erixson 

We are excited to introduce you to Caitlyn and Courtney!  Caitlyn and Courtney are twins who decided to get iLASIK- together!  Caitlyn had the iLASIK procedure about a month ago and her vision has gone from 20/400 to 20/25!  Today is Courtney’s big day! Her vision is currently 20/400 and she is looking forward to seeing as well as her sister!

Courtney and Caitlyn are very close, and do almost everything together.  “We are obsessed with our dog, Mila, a Siberian husky and we take her on walks all the time!”  The twins enjoy learning and trying new things and introducing their friends to the same. “We share clothes and pick out outfits for one another. We go on bike rides, and enjoy stuff like baton twirling.”  Having such an active lifestyle and so many hobbies makes it difficult for the girls to suffer contacts and glasses.  “Contacts were becoming such a hassle!” 

iLASIK didn’t come without its fears.  Both Caitlyn and Courtney mentioned they were most scared of decreased vision or discomfort after the surgery, but after their brother had the iLASIK procedure they became jealous of his new lifestyle and vision.  “He told us how neat it was to be able to see in the mornings after waking up and while watching TV before bed.”  When asked what they were most looking forward to after surgery, Courtney found it hard to narrow it down to one particular thing.  Caitlyn said she’s enjoyed being able to put make up on and not having to deal with make-up smudges on her contacts or ripping her contacts due to allergies. She also loved that she didn’t have to pack solution, a contact case, spare contacts, glasses and a glasses case every time she traveled. Pictured below is Caitlyn and Courtney with their surgeon, Dr. James Liu.


Stay tuned as we will have another update at Courtney’s 1-week post-operative appointment. Please click here to set up your complimentary iLASIK evaluation at Omaha Eye & Laser Institute or call us at 402-493-2020.

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