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Why LASIK Is The Perfect Solution For Your Tired Eyes

woman sitting in front of computer while rubbing her eyes

Do your eyes always feel tired? Are you experiencing eye fatigue from high amounts of screen time?

Do you find yourself rubbing your eyes after a long day at work? LASIK is the perfect solution for these problems.

Prescription glasses and contact lenses can take their toll on your eyes. This is because your vision is constantly manipulated and adjusted.

A high volume of computer work can make your eyes dry and tired. Electronic screens emit “blue light.”

This is an artificial form of UV light, and it can cause dry and tired eyes. A blue-light-blocking coating on your glasses can reduce some of the strain on your eyes.

Contact lenses don’t have this feature. Staring at a computer screen through contact lenses can make your eyes even more tired and dry.

Contact lenses do not stay put on dry eyes. This can add future complications for your already tired eyes.

Opting to undergo LASIK is a decision to leave your tired eyes behind. LASIK corrects your vision so that you no longer need visual aids to see clearly.

This means that your vision will no longer need to be manipulated and adjusted. Doing so can significantly reduce your eye fatigue.

Keep reading for a few reasons why LASIK is the perfect solution for your tired eyes!

Working Remotely

There has never been a better time to undergo LASIK. This is especially true if you have joined the ranks of the remote working world.

The LASIK recovery period requires a few days of rest and relaxation. During this time, your vision may be blurry.

This rules out the option to drive, especially on the day of your procedure. Luckily, remote work eliminates the daily commute, so you won’t have to worry about getting to work on time.

On the first day of your LASIK recovery, do your best to avoid any computer work. It’s best to keep it to a minimum until your eyes have healed.

Enjoy some podcasts, listen to your favorite albums, and give your eyes plenty of time to rest to get your recovery off to the best start.

Crystal Clear Vision

LASIK will give you clearer vision by reshaping your cornea. A misshapen cornea is the leading cause of vision errors. This includes nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism.

LASIK corrects most patient’s vision to 20/20 or better! For most, this means you can say goodbye to glasses and contact lenses for good.

In return, it means you’ll suffer from less eye fatigue and let your eyes have more time to just be. Not to be all zen or anything, but it’s visual freedom like you’ve never experienced before!

LASIK Candidacy

You should know that not everyone is a candidate for LASIK surgery. Eye diseases and conditions like glaucoma and dry eye syndrome can make you unqualified for LASIK.

As LASIK is the process of reshaping your cornea, it requires that your corneas are healthy and at least .5 mm thick. There are many factors that go into candidacy.

LASIK Consultation

The only way to know for sure if you are a LASIK candidate is by having a LASIK consultation. Schedule yours today with Omaha Eye & Laser Institute in Lincoln, NE!

Wouldn’t you love to experience permanent visual freedom for yourself?

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