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3 Workouts to Try While Recovering From LASIK

Man going for a run after LASIK eye surgery

You did it. You figured out how much bad vision was costing you. You even took a LASIK self-test to see if you were a potentially good candidate.

LASIK is a great way to permanently correct your vision! This is one of the easiest next steps to take.

Before you know it, you will be back in the full swing of your active lifestyle. This time, you may even have 20/20 vision.

You will want to take it easy for a couple of weeks following your LASIK procedure. You want to get some exercise, but you don’t want to sweat too much.

Getting sweat in your eyes after LASIK surgery can cause an infection. You also don’t want to do anything that can strain your eye muscles. Here are some workouts to try while you are recovering from LASIK.


Hiking is an excellent workout. It is also one of the best ways to experience your new vision.

After all, nature is pretty incredible! You may think you’ve seen all it has to offer, but when you wear glasses or contacts, you can’t take in everything around you. After LASIK, see nature like never before.

Paved nature paths can be an excellent option if you live in a flat area. Try to avoid steep and technical hikes if you live in a more mountainous area.

The point of exercising during your LASIK recovery is to relax. There will be plenty of time to push yourself after you’ve fully recovered from LASIK.

So get out and enjoy nature. Take it easy and experience seeing your natural surroundings without glasses or contacts. It may even be an eye-opening experience!

Bodyweight Workout

Lifting dumbbells and barbells cause your body to strain in more ways than you might realize. This includes your eyes.

It is best to avoid all activities that will strain your eyes while you recover from LASIK. Bodyweight workouts can be a great alternative when lifting weights is not an option.

Bodyweight exercises can include sit-ups, push-ups, and wall sits. These exercises can give you a great workout without straining your eyes.

There are plenty of specialized bodyweight workouts available online. You might even discover a new way to work out that doesn’t require a hefty gym membership.


Cycling is another great way to work out that doesn’t put any extra pressure on your eyes. It is also an excellent way to experience your new vision. Many cities have paved biking trails for an easy and enjoyable ride.

It is best to stick with a slower-paced bike ride during your LASIK recovery. Take it easy. You don’t have to go fast to get a great work out or your heartrate up!

Cycling can be an intense workout with the right gear. You might even discover a new hobby to take up after you’ve totally recovered after having LASIK.

Biking without dealing with prescription sunglasses or contacts makes it even easier. The best part is when you can see clearly it makes any activity more fun!

Think that LASIK is right for you? It’s time to find out for sure! Schedule your LASIK consultation at Omaha Eye & Laser Institute in Lincoln, NE now!

Why keep waiting if you’re serious about visual freedom from glasses and contacts?

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