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17 Things To Stop Worrying About After LASIK

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These days, LASIK surgery is an option that many people are taking advantage of. After all, aren’t you tired of dealing with your glasses or contacts?

You’re not the only one! LASIK is the one of the most popular elective procedures.

LASIK is an investment in your vision since it pays for itself over time. Yes, it’s actually more expensive to continue wearing glasses than to get LASIK in the long run.

And don’t let the numbers scare you. Sure, a pair of glasses now is less expensive than total LASIK cost, but consider the big picture.

You even have quite a few options to help make LASIK cost affordable!

Still on the fence about LASIK? Keep reading for 17 things you can stop worrying about after LASIK!

  1. Fogged up glasses with every sip of your morning coffee. Anything steamy is usually bad news when you’re stuck wearing glasses. Talk about annoying!
  2. Not being able to make out the face of a friend in a crowd. Contacts and glasses only help improve your vision so much compared to custom LASIK.
  3. Having to choose between getting in the pool or being able to see faces. You shouldn’t have to make a choice like this! Glasses are only good to a point. Wearing them in the pool is just asking for trouble!
  4. Another ripped contact lens while getting ready for work. There goes 10 minutes of your day you can’t get back.
  5. Another lost contact blinked out on the way to work. Hope you’re carrying spare solution, because that contact will be dirty once you find it.
  6. Raindrops leaving streaks on your glasses. Streaks lead to blindness in the rain and taking your glasses off and putting them in your pocket. Just don’t forget they are there!
  7. Sweat on your nose making your glasses slide down. Even if your glasses have been adjusted, they’ll still fall down your nose.
  8. Having to constantly push your glasses back where they belong.
  9. That awkward moment when you try to put 3D glasses on over your regular glasses. At best, you’ll have to adjust them every 5 minutes. At worst, wearing two pairs of glasses results in a headache and going home early. No thanks!
  10. Not having any peripheral vision when your glasses are on
  11. That annoying glare you get when you wear your glasses in pictures.
  12. Sitting on your glasses (again)
  13. Having to pay for a whole new pair of glasses (because you sat on them again)
  14. Having to fork over extra cash so your glasses will also serve as the sunglasses you can’t wear. Prescription sunglasses aren’t cheap!
  15. Not being able to wear cheap sunglasses
  16. Getting strands of your hair caught in the arm of your glasses. It always happens at the most inopportune time too. Yanking strands of hair out of your glasses is not fun.
  17. Having to get a contact out of the crease of your eye

Ready to find out if LASIK could be right for you? Contact Omaha Eye & Laser Institute in Lincoln, Nebraska to schedule a LASIK consultation today!

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