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Do You Know These Cataract Basics?

Tags : cataracts, cataract facts

When it comes to cataracts, many people think they know the basics. I won't get cataracts until I'm much older. I'll know when I have a cataract! But most of these people don't even know the basics of cataracts. Keep reading to find out some of the cataract basics you should ...

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Did You Know LASIK Is Tailored For You?

Walk into any major shoe store and you'll be trying on the same shoes other people have tried on. A few styles may not fit your arches. Others might squeeze your toes a bit. And still others might give you too much room in the ankle. Although these shoes aren't unique to other ...

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5 Cataract Symptoms To Watch Out For

If you are at risk for cataracts, it is important to know what to look for. This helps with being prepared when it is time to get them removed. Luckily, you don't have to do it alone. Schedule regular check ups at Omaha Eye & Laser Institute to maintain good eye health. Keep ...

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6 Facts About Custom iLASIK

If you're tired of dealing with broken glasses and ripped contacts, it might be time to consider LASIK surgery. LASIK, which stands for Laser assisted in situ keratomileusis, is a common elective procedure that can correct vision problems such as myopia (nearsightedness), hyperopia (far...

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4 Tips to Lower Your Risk of Cataracts

Tags : cataract, cataract surgery, cataract surgeons

Cataracts are proteins that cloud the naturally clear lens of your eye. They're common as we age, so much so that up to 70 percent of people 75 years old and over have either had cataracts in the past, or have cataracts now. The good news is, there are steps you can take to reduce your ris...

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5 Reasons to Look Forward To Summer After LASIK

Tags : lasik, laser vision correction, lasik eye surgery

Glasses and contacts may be a necessity now, but they don't have to be after LASIK eye surgery at the Omaha Eye & Laser Institute. Imagine the freedom of enjoying your summers free of both glasses and contacts! Check out this list of ways your summers will improve when glasses and conta...

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The Do\'s and Don\'ts after iLASIK Surgery

Tags : ilasik, bladefree lasik, custom lasik, oeli, omaha eye & laser institute, intralasik, dr john liu

Did you recently have LASIK eye surgery and can’t remember all the do’s and don’ts after surgery? Don’t fret! Below is a list of commonly asked questions after the procedure.

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Meet our new spotlight iLASIK patient case- Caitlyn & Courtney Erixson

Tags : ilasik, bladefree lasik, custom lasik, oeli, omaha eye & laser institute, dr. james liu, dr. john li

We are excited to introduce you to Caitlin and Courtney! Caitlin and Courtney are twins who decided to get iLASIK- together! Caitlin had the iLASIK procedure about a month ago and her vision has gone from 20/400 to 20/25! Today is Courtney’s big day! Her vision is currently 20/400 and she is looking forward to seeing as well as her sister!

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Addressing LASIK Fears

January 05, 2017

Addressing LASIK Fears

Tags : ilasik, bladefree lasik, custom lasik, oeli, omaha eye & laser institute, dr john liu, dr james liu

Many of our patients are fearful to have the iLASIK procedure. In some cases the fear prevents them from having the surgery, leading to more years stuck behind frames. Can you relate? Take a few minutes and read our tips on how to overcome your fears. iLasik has been around for decades and is a safe and precise procedure.

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Post-Evaluation Of Our Spotlight Patient Case- Matthew Poe!

Tags : ilasik, bladefree lasik, custom lasik, oeli, omaha eye & laser institute, dr john liu, dr james liu

Read about Matthew Poe's experience and story after the iLASIK procedure!

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4 Surprising Ways iLASIK is More Affordable Than You Think!

Tags : intralasik, ilasik, laser vision correction, lasik, dr. john liu, dr. james liu, dr. mark young, bla

Most people think that intraLASIK is outside of the budget and do not realize the ways they may be able to afford iLASIK. Realistically iLasik is very affordable. Read about the easy ways to save money by having the intraLASIK performed.

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#1 by Readers Choice Best of the Big O and also “Best Lasik Center” from Omaha Magazine!

Tags : ilasik, bladefree lasik, custom lasik, oeli, omaha eye & laser institute, dr john liu, dr james liu

We are thrilled to have been voted #1 by the Best of the Big O and Omaha Magazine for 2016! We are honored to serve such amazing patients and wanted to personally thank you along with all of the optometrists in Nebraska and the surrounding states!

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