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Yearly Archives: 2019

Can I Drive If I Have Cataracts?

Senior woman driving

  While you drive, do you see halos around lights? Do you have cataracts? Cataracts can make many things challenging including driving. Keep reading to learn if it’s safe to drive with cataracts! What is a Cataract? Cataracts occur when the natural lens in your eye becomes cloudy. This is due to proteins in the… Read More

6 Natural Dry Eye Treatments For Allergies

Man putting eye drops in eyes

  Do you have dry eyes and allergies? Are you looking for natural ways to treat your dry eye and allergies? Dry eye occurs when your eyes don’t make enough tears or they are low-quality tears. Dry eye can make your eyes sting, look red, burn or feel gritty. Keep reading for six natural dry… Read More

Glaucoma Facts To Remember

Woman reading with glasses

Glaucoma is one of the leading causes of blindness around the world. The good news: there are treatment options for glaucoma! Early detection and treatment can help you reduce vision loss from glaucoma. Keep reading for some glaucoma facts you need to remember! What is Glaucoma? Glaucoma is a group of diseases that damage the… Read More

20 LASIK Facts You Need To Know | Omaha Eye & Laser

Happy woman with glasses

  1. LASIK surgery was FDA approved in the nineties. 2. LASIK has since become one of the most popular elective surgical procedures.  3. LASIK stands for Laser Assisted in Situ Keratomileusis.  The acronym is how most people refer to it. 4. LASIK is a life-changing surgical procedure, but it is not for everyone. 5…. Read More

What You Need To Know About Cataracts

Man squinting reading phone

A cataract occurs when the lens of the eye becomes cloudy. This is because of proteins in the eye that migrate to the center of the lens with aging. In its early stages, cataract symptoms are not usually noticeable. It’s as the cataract develops that it causes blurred vision and other symptoms. If left untreated,… Read More

Facts And Myths About LASIK

Happy woman jumping

  LASIK is a popular form of vision correction. LASIK has gone on to become the most popular elective surgical procedure in any field! In fact, millions of people around the world have undergone LASIK. Not sure what to believe about the popular procedure? Keep reading to learn more! LASIK Myth: There is not enough… Read More

Do You Have Realistic Cataract Surgery Expectations?

Happy couple

Despite how common cataract surgery is, there’s plenty of misinformation about it. Maybe you have cataracts, and your doctor has recommended cataract surgery. You may be a bit wary about getting the surgery or seeing a loved one go through it. But there isn’t much to worry about! Whatever expectations you have, the reality is… Read More

Surprising Facts About LASIK

Woman in glasses reading paper

Did you know that LASIK surgery became FDA approved in the 1990s? Since then, millions of people have undergone this popular elective procedure. Though it is a popular procedure, there’s a lot of bad information out there about LASIK. If you’re considering LASIK, keep reading to learn surprising facts about the procedure! Don’t Worry: You’ll… Read More

Do You Know These Cataract Basics?

Happy couple outdoors

When it comes to cataracts, many people think they know the basics. I won’t get cataracts until I’m much older. I’ll know when I have a cataract! But most of these people don’t even know the basics of cataracts. Keep reading to find out some of the cataract basics you should be aware of! What… Read More

Did You Know LASIK Is Tailored For You?

Hopeful woman drinking coffee

Walk into any major shoe store and you’ll be trying on the same shoes other people have tried on. A few styles may not fit your arches. Others might squeeze your toes a bit. And still others might give you too much room in the ankle. Although these shoes aren’t unique to other pairs tried… Read More

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